Working with Clear Quartz

A Step by Step Process to Transform your new Clear Quartz into an Awakened Powerful Tool:

Why is it that millions of people around the world have chosen to buy a crystal, believing them to be far more than simple rocks…?  Why is it that humans throughout history have revered and used crystals to enhance their Insight, Wellness and Clarity? The following article explains in depth how to use your Quartz Crystal to the greatest effect.  Feel free to explore these concepts, yet know that even simply carrying your favourite stone in your pocket is still highly beneficial.  Yet if you take the time to Clear your crystal, to Awaken and Charge it, and then Program it, your experience of that stone will be a very different one…   Read on and Enjoy!  Let us know your experiences, our shop often buzzes with great conversations from people who work with these Stones.  Drop us an email about your experiences, we’d love to know how you are going with the pieces you source from us.. Continue reading