Mookaite Key words: slowing the ageing process, intergenerational genetic healing, perception of Earth energies

Chakras: Third eye, solar plexus, root

Mookaite Crystal Healing Properties:
Mookaite connects us to ancient knowledge and genetic memory. It is a powerful reminder of the ageless spirit, and can help one to maintain a ‘young at heart’ attitude and a vibrant physical vessel. Mookaite can help us to perceive and understand the emotional and behavioural legacy our ancestry has passed down and it supports one to release and move beyond those patterns. It can help one feel a deep connection to place.

Mookaite Geological Description:
Mookaite is a form of Jasper, a silicon dioxide mineral composed of sub-microscopic Quartz grains) with a hardness of 6.5 to 7. In Jasper the Quartz microcrystals are laid out in sugar like grains rather than fibrous layers as found in Chalcedony. Jasper deposits are found in India, Russia, Brazil, France, Germany, Australia, and the USA. Mookaite Jasper was discovered on the Mooka Station in remote Western Australia.

Affirmation: I learn to respect the Earth and her ancient Wisdom.