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Sugilite, Clear Quartz Pendant


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Sugilite Clear Quartz pendulum How does a pendulum work ? First establish what is ‘Yes’ and What is ‘No’  with your pendulum. It will swing in a different direction for each response. You can only ask questions that will prompt a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ answer. Keep still, focus on your request out loud or inwardly and the pendulum will give you the answer.

When in doubt refer to a pendulum !!

Sold with a pouch.

Sugilite Key words: Dreams, spiritual protection and purification, becoming a ‘beacon of light’

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown, Transpersonal and Etheric

Sugilite Crystal Healing Properties:
Sugilite is a stone of dreams, encouraging one to believe in life’s possibilities. Sugilite helps to overcome hopelessness and the feeling of having no options in ones life. It reminds us that one can achieve anything one can dream and lends the strength and courage to manifest those dreams. Sugilite is very purifying for the aura, burning away negativity and channelling and grounding high-vibrational energy. It is useful in countering nightmares, insomnia and other sleep imbalances.

Sugilite Geological Description:
Sugilite is a rare potassium sodium lithium iron manganese aluminium silicate mineral with a hardness of 6 to 6.5. Its form is usually massive, and its colour ranges from pale lilac to deep purple. Although Sugilite has been found in Japan and Canada, most comes from deep manganese mines in South Africa.

Affirmation: I am safe and protected within my own ‘bubble of light’, and I work to bring to reality my deepest dreams, as well as the collective dream of a planet of light

Clear Quartz Keywords: Programmability, amplification of ones intention, magnification of ambient energies, clearing, cleansing, healing, memory enhancement

Chakras: all

Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Properties:
Clear Quartz encourages clarity of thought and purpose to one’s heart and mind. It works on all levels of the energetic and physical bodies and resonates with all chakras. Clear Quartz will amplify any energy with which it moves into resonance, including other stones, constantly broadcasting that energy into the Earths electromagnetic field. This makes Clear Quartz an excellent stone to use for healing, manifestation or prayer work. Clear Quartz helps to establish a strong, clear connection to higher guidance.

Clear Quartz Geological Description:
Quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral with a hardness of 7. Its crystal system is hexagonal which grows in a large variety of formations. It is one of the most abundant minerals, found on every continent of the Earth, though much of the quartz available comes from Arkansas, Brazil and Madagascar. Crystal Quartz exhibits the property of piezoelectricity, by which it can transform mechanical energy (eg pressure) into electromagnetic energy and vice versa.

Affirmation: I have the power to reprogram my thoughts

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Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 3.8 x 1 x 1 cm


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